Eneidiau (Souls)

Shorlisted for Wales Book of the Year 2014 award

When young student Nerys Caroline Hindley, researching the Welsh connections of photographer Alvin Langdon Coburn, contacts the ageing novelist Tom Rhydderch she sets in train a series of events that will change forever the lives of Tom and his immediate circle.  With her mixed Welsh and English parentage, Nerys brings with her a host of complexities which force him to question his own priorities as well as gradually revealing both the fault-lines and the strengths in his relationship with Leri, his ex-wife and literary rival, with Casi, his former lover.  Nerys’s fragile mental health becomes increasingly evident as, along with her brash, womanising father, she becomes embedded in their circle, drawing other neighbours into her magnetic field: local vicar Ieuan Humphreys, questioning his vocation and struggling with addiction, and the patient, innocent Tom Owen, whose unconditional love for her will eventually prevail.

Exploring (self)-deception in literature and in love in all its manifestations, Eneidiau is underpinned by the dualities of truth and lies, Welsh and English, male and female, and by the need to make whole the contradictions within the self. In his powerful and moving first full-length novel, prize-winning poet and prose-writer Aled Jones Williams explores the depths of the human psyche with his characteristic combination of unstinting honesty and tender compassion.


  • 'Aled Jones WIlliams transforms language into an intricate symphony which scratches like chalk on the blackboard of our unconscious.'


Aled Jones Williams


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