In this atmospheric novel prizewinning author Lloyd Jones returns to Dolfrwynog farm in north-east Wales, the setting for Dŵr (2009)/Water (2014), his powerful vision of future environmental disaster. In this prequel the storyteller, Eirlys, reflects on her years working for the family there in the mid-20th century. As she leaves the farm for the last time when retiring to a seaside town, she recalls the sudden incursion into their lives of Fflur, the mysterious girl in the green dress who bewitches Elgan, to the bemusement of his brother Gwyn and to the dismay of Eirlys. As Elgan and Fflur withdraw from the life and work of the farm, other far-reaching changes affect Dolfrwynog, as the traditional way of life in the rural community begins to disintegrate. Moving back and forth in time and between the contrasting worlds of town and country, Eirlys strives with the help of her new friend Elis to understand and come to terms with her own life and the fate of the Dolfrwynog family. 
With its lyrical, strongly visualised evocations of a lost way of life and the haunting, dreamlike tale of all-consuming yet impossible love, Fflur is an enchanting and memorable work by a consummate and versatile novelist.


  • 'A gentle novel about love arriving unexpectedly and leaving without saying a word'.

    Jon Gower, Nation.Cymru

  • 'A meditation on the wonder of love, its power both detrimental and restorative, and how we come, if we can, to express its effect upon us.'

    Casi Dylan, O’r Pedwar Gwynt

Lloyd Jones


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Y Lolfa (2019)


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Garmon Gruffudd
Y Lolfa
Ceredigion SY24 5AP
Cymru/Wales, UK