With hindsight, a bereaved daughter realises that a seemingly trivial fall led inexorably to her widowed father’s death. An eloquent Everywoman, the daughter traces with great delicacy her response to what follows – his hospitalisation, her realisation that since her mother died he has lost the will to live, and the inevitable yet sudden shock of his end. Then begins the slow journey through grief and all the mixed emotions that follow, the moments of pride and gratitude mingling with the quasi-hallucinations that can accompany the confusion of rage, guilt and disbelief, until finally her troubled mind achieves calm and acceptance of the loss.

Utterly clearsighted, and drawing on her own lived experience, in her first novel for adults Reynolds observes the raw emotions and irrationalities that coexist with the practical demands of bereavement. This is no misery-manual but an honest, unsentimental account of the complex, often passionate responses to a death in the family and the changing relationship between the daughter and her own family. With its poetic style married with colloquial directness, this novel is at once deeply rooted in a west Wales community and a moving expression of a universal experience.


  • 'Here is a celebration of grief; of grief being the other side of the same coin as love, and to experience it is an integral part of loving and of being loved.'

    Grug Muse, O'r Pedwar Gwynt

  • This book captivated me completely with its delicate and sensitive descriptions and beautifully playful style. Gwirionedd is an in-depth exploration of grief and loss but more than that, it is a gentle and joyful celebration of the love that binds a family together. 

    Mari Siôn,

Elinor Wyn Reynolds


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Gwasg y Bwthyn (2019)


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Marred Jones 
Gwasg y Bwthyn
Tŷ Cadnant,
Wales, UK
LL55 2BD