Phases of life are measured by the waxing and waning of the moon in this unique volume, award-winning novelist and screenwriter Fflur Dafydd’s first foray into memoir. Illustrated (or should that be illuminated) by images of each phase of the lunar cycle, individual chapters take the form of standalone essays, offering reflection on life experience gained in lunar light. From the childhood adventures of a 1980s rural upbringing to the reflections of an established author seeking inspiration, from first love to the night-time communions of motherhood, this collection reveals Dafydd as an author who was always skyward, singing songs to the moon.

Written with her characteristic combination of frankness, humour, and incisiveness, the book draws on a range of influences – scientific, poetic – to explore its subject, each chapter is prefaced by a short, lyrical reflection on each passing lunar phase. Whilst personal reflection forms a silver thread, the collection also draws portraits of others whose lives gravitated sic itur ad astra: accounts of the American teacher and astronaut Christa McAuliffe, and the Welsh minister and astronomer John Silas Evans, are fascinating and moving in equal measure. With its wide cosmic canvas, Lloerganiadau ultimately casts light on the most intimate of relationships with the people and places around us, our human position in the planetary family of things.


  • "Cyfrol mor graff a gloyw â'r lleuad ei hun."

    Ceri Wyn Jones

  • “Mae cyfrol Fflur Dafydd yn llawn ceinder a chân hefyd, y lloer-ganiadau... Planed o gyfrol yw hi, un sy'n pefrio arnom. Mynnwch gopi a'i darllen – mae tu hwnt i'r byd hwn."

    Elinor Wyn Reynolds, Western Mail Weekend Magazine

  • "Mae gan yr awdur ffordd o siarad sy’n amheuthun o dyner, a’r gallu i greu rhyw fregusrwydd hardd o bob sefyllfa."

    Sioned Erin Hughes, y Lolfa

Fflur Dafydd


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Y Lolfa (2020)


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Garmon Gruffudd
Y Lolfa
Ceredigion SY24 5AP
Cymru/Wales, UK