Rhwng dwy lein drên

At the confluence of two railway lines, two lives come together in this second poetry collection by acclaimed author Llŷr Gwyn Lewis. Emerging from the lockdown period, these quietly powerful poems reflect on the human condition as the author explores the evolving, deepening relationship between a young man and his partner, as they await and then experience the dramatic changes that follow the birth of their son. In a series of often-interwoven extended metaphors, the poet reflects on the family microcosm and on his own, and his son’s, familial and cultural inheritance, his quarrymen forefathers’ skill in fashioning slate with simple manual tools now replaced by the keyboard-bound world of wordsmithing. As new fatherhood coincides with mourning a death in the family, the poet confronts a future where his son, following his own particular path, will face a challenging new world without his parents.

Perfectly married with Dafydd Owain’s striking monochrome designs, these thoughtful poems full of love, wisdom and, above all, honesty are breathtaking at first reading but yield ever richer depths on revisiting them, as the poet confirms his status as one of Wales’s most outstanding younger writers.

Rhwng Dwy Lein Drên is shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year Awards 2021.


  • 'A striking collection not only in its appearance but also in its contents.'

    Annes Glyn, Barddas

  • 'The eternal irony of the joy of starting a family of course is that at the same time, one becomes more aware of the depth of loss, and the poet touches on that more than once in this collection, between the lines and in specific poems.'

    Annes Glyn, Barddas