A Toy Epic

A Toy Epic

Between the wars, three boys from very different home backgrounds are thrown together by the educational system. Michael, the country churchman’s son, chapel-going Iorwerth from a farm, and Albie, the bus-conductor’s son from a working-class street in the nearby seaside town, play, quarrel, and compete with each other.  As they react against their parents’ values whilst nonetheless being formed by them, the boys find their relationships subtly evolving as each gradually grows up and tries to define and eventually find himself.  Far more than a coming-of-age novel, within its short compass A Toy Epic explores universal themes of religious and political belief, social class, and the tension between free will and historical forces, all of which Humphreys would continue to develop in his later work.  Above all he considers what it can mean to be Welsh, the diversity of possible Welsh identities, and the role of the language in the sense and idea of nationhood.  Informed by his own boyhood experiences, here transmuted into a deeply intelligent and perceptive study of a significant period in the history of Wales, A Toy Epic is a perfect distillation of Humphreys’s outstanding gift as the most notable Welsh novelist writing in English.


  • "A kind of three-part plainsong of the sublimated stream of consciousness."

    The Times

  • "Just as the modernists doubted the ability of language to 'say just what I mean', so Humphreys recontextualizes the modernist preoccupation as a particularly pernicious aspect of materialism. Mass culture is an opiate, which the necessarily singular voice of the fiction writer must (in however beleaguered a manner) continue to oppose."

    Times Literary Supplement

  • "The supreme interpreter of Welsh life."

    R. S. Thomas

Emyr Humphreys


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