I Sent a Letter to My Love

I Sent a Letter to My Love

Amy Evans retained all her life the squat nose of her childhood, stubbed on to her face like a plasticine afterthought, a chin too long for any practical purpose, and eyes so close together that it seemed the sole function of the bridge of her nose was to keep them apart. For comfort she would go down to the beach, where the breeze from the sea blew into her face her share of the beauty to which her brother had so liberally helped himself. The gulls would wait for her to leave, no matter how long she stayed, for they were real gentlemen – the only gentlemen she was ever to meet in her life.

Now in her late fifties, Amy faces a struggle on two fronts. Loneliness looms the larger as the chance of finding love grows more remote. Survival depends on the outcome of her search for a love object, and I Sent a Letter to My Love, set in Porthcawl on the coast of South Wales, tells the moving and unsentimental story of Amy’s bold play for happiness, and her dangerous success.

The richly comic gifts, the wit and inventiveness that distinguished all Bernice Rubens’ work are reinforced in this novel by a maturity and depth of compassion for her characters.

Bernice Rubens


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