Mae’r Lleuad yn Goch (The Moon is Red)

Mae’r Lleuad yn Goch (The Moon is Red)

Winner of the Tir na n-Og Award 2018 (Young Adults’ Book of the Year)

When the residents of a care home are evacuated during a fire, Megan Richards saves an old red, white and green flag.  Triggered by the flag, Megan shares her memories with Beca, her grandaughter, of the incidents leading up to the night of 8 September, 1936 when a training camp and aerodrome for the Air Force built in Penyberth, on the Llŷn Peninsula, North Wales, was set on fire.  Forced to leave their farm by the British Government, to make way for the military, the family move to nearby village, Rhydyclafdy. 

During the same period, a holiday camp is set up in the village for young refugees forced to leave the Basque Country due to the Spanish Civil War, Megan meets Miren, who shares the story of Gernika, the home town she and her family have fled.

Two histories are tied in this tale of empathy, resilience and survival.  This award winning historical novel for young adults, examines themes such as war refugees, the morality of civilian bombing and the democratic rights of people.  Themes that have direct parallels to our modern times.


  • ‘Will challenge children and young adult readers with a variety of reading opportunities.’  

    Helen Jones, Head of the Wales Books Council’s Children’s Books Department

  • ‘This is a story skillfully crafted in three parts, forming a unified whole by carefully interweaving the events. The novel has a contemporary feel as well as a historical dimension.’ 

    Llinos Davies, Chair of the Tir na n-Og Award 2018 Judging Panel

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Mae’r Lleuad yn Goch (The Moon is Red)
Gwasg Carreg Gwalch (2018)

200 pp

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Gwasg Carreg Gwalch
12 Iard yr Orsaf
Conwy, LL26 0EH
Cymru / Wales, UK