The Shop

The Shop

Eddie Lloyd, troubled son of the famous Welsh actor Orlando Lloyd is introduced to ambitious film-maker Bethan Mair Nichols, and immediately finds himself captivated by the intense young woman.  It transpires that Bethan’s Great Aunt Sulwen has left her a derelict shop in rural Wales.  As the novel and their relationship progresses, Bethan’s legacy becomes increasingly contentious, until a brutal assault allows the couple to reassess their fraught relationship.

The Shop is a work of immense richness and sophistication; compassionate, deeply intelligent and engaging, it is a novel about the power exerted over our lives by our ancestral and cultural heritage, about the impact which the ghosts of the past have upon the present.

Emyr Humphries is the author of twenty previous novels, as well as several collections of short stories, poetry and Welsh history.

Emyr Humphreys


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