In Matthew Francis’s seventh poetry collection, the leading poet guides us through his careful and meticulous observation of nature, through the delight to be had in the miniscule and variety of the most everyday insects and plants that surround us. The collection is divided into three parts, Freefall, Micrographia and Canticles; the first is so named after its final poem in the section, about the tragic death of the poet’s friend in a parachute accident. The poems of Micrographia are precise and scientific in terminology, with the attention to microscopic detail of bluebottle flies, moths, insects found in the hedgerow, and moss scaled the from ordinary to extraordinary. In its final poems, Canticles, the poet celebrates the opulence of language, with jubilant and luxurious words that shine a light on the joy of place names, history, and reading, helping us to see the beauty and wonder in all around us. With the poet's enthralling ability to observe, Wing champions the wonderment of our environments, of nature and history.


  • 'Marvellous… inspiring… Nature does not go out of fashion and we need poetry of this quality more than ever.'

    Kate Kellaway, The Guardian

  • 'There has always been an exuberant delight in the beauty and variety of the world in Francis’s poems'

    Sheenagh Pugh

  • 'No sooner than I started reading Wing, Matthew Francis’s latest collection of nature poems, did I want to read it out loud to the nearest person who would listen.'

    James Riding, The London Magazine

Matthew Francis


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