Yuvan Chandrashekar

Chandrashekar, Yuvan

Yuvan Chandrashekar is a Tamil poet and translator, born in 1961 and living in Chennai. He has more than five anthologies of poems to his name, including Otrai Ulagam (Singular World) 1996, Vaeroru Kalam (Another Era) 1999, Pugaichuvarukku Appaal (Beyond the Smoke-wall) 2002, Kai Maradhiyaay Vaitha Naal (A Day that was Misplaced) 2005, Thotrap Pizhai (Optical Error) 2009. His poems have been translated into Malayalam, Kannada, Bengali, Oriya and Hindi. He also writes short stories and his novels include Kulla Chithan Charithram (Story of Kullachithan) 2002, Pagadaiyattam (Dice Game) 2004, Kaanal Nadhi (Illusory River) 2006, translated by Padma Narayanan and published by New Horizons Media in 2010, and Veliyetram (Stepping Out) 2009.

His most recent translation into Tamil is Out Stealing Horses by Per Peterson published by Kalachuvadu in 2013. He will be welcomed to Wales as a Wales Literature Exchange translator in residence in January 2014, working on Tamil translations of R. S. Thomas and Dylan Thomas's poetry.