Angharad Tomos

Tomos, Angharad

Angharad Tomos is an authour and language campaigner. She was born in Bangor, raised in Llanwnda by Caenarfon, and now lives in Penygroes. She was chair of Cymdeithas yr Iaith Gymraeg ('the Welsh Language Society') 1982-84 and she was imprisoned on several occasions whilst campaigning for the Welsh language.

She is a prominent author who has has written and illustrated many children's books, including her series Rwdlan, first published in 1983.

She has won many awards, including:

  • The Prose Medal in the Urdd Eisteddfod in 1982.
  • The Welsh Academy Award in 1985
  • The Prose Medal in the National Eisteddfod in 1991 and in 1997.
  • Tir na n-Og award in 1986 and in 1994.
  • Mary Vaughan Jones Award in 2009 for her contribution to children's literature in Wales.
  • Translators' House Wales Translation Challenge 2012 for translate from English into Welsh an extract from a novel for children by the Mumbai-based author, Sampurna Chattarji.

Her published work include:

  • Yma o Hyd (y Lolfa, 1985)
  • Hen Fyd Hurt (y Lolfa, 1992)
  • Titrwm (y Lolfa, 1994)
  • Cnonyn Aflonydd (Gwasg Gwynedd, 2001)
  • Rhagom (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2004)
  • Wrth fy Nagrau i (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2007)
  • ‘Dyled Eileen’ drama, performed by Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru (the Welsh National Theatre of Wales) in 2013 and 2014
  • Darn Bach o Bapur (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2014)
  • Paent (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2015)
  • Henriet y Syffrajet (Gwasg Carreg Gwalch, 2018)

The first books in the Rala Rwdins series have been translated to Irish, Breton and Scottish Gaelic. Twilight Song, Elin ap Hywel's translation of Si Hei Lwli, was published by Gomer in 2004, and The Empty Room, Angharad's own translation of Darn Bach o Bapur, was published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch in 2016. A German translation of this novel has also been published. 

Her historical novel, Y Castell Siwgr, was published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch in 2020, and was shortlisted for Wales Book of the Year Award and Tir Na N-Og Award in 2021. An English translation, Woven, translated by Mícheál Ó hAodha will be published in 2021.