Damian Walford Davies

Walford Davies, Damian

Damian Walford Davies was born in Aberystwyth in 1971 and since 2013 has taught in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Cardiff University where he is now Pro-Vice Chancellor for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. He served as Chair of Literature Wales from 2012 to 2018, and from 2015 to 2018 was Chair of the Board of Cardiff University Press.

His work appeared in a co-written collection of poems with Marggraf Turley titled 'Whiteout' (Parthian, 2006), and his first full collection, 'Suit of Lights', was published by Seren in 2009 and was selected for our Autumn 2009 Bookcase. Committed to a poetry of irony and subversive play, his work explores the darker side of the lyric. His other poetry collections include 'Witch' (Seren, 2012), a thrilling portrait of a Suffolk village in the throes of the witchcraft hunts of the mid-seventeenth century; 'Judas' (Seren, 2015), a series of dramatic monologues that give voice to the eponymous figure, who is synonymous with betrayal; and 'Alabaster Girls' (Rack Press, 2017), whose central sequence responds in pared-down notation to the moon landings of 1969–72.