Morten Søkilde

Søkilde, Morten

Danish poet, Morten Søkilde was educated at the Academy of Art, Odense, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, the Danish Author School, and the Comedia School (theatre training). He lives in Copenhagen.

Søkilde’s poems are experimental approaches to the Danish language, using, for example, only two or three particular vowels in each text. His debut was the book Morten Søkilde 1974 – 2003, followed by the two-volumes-in-one book Pan and Landskabe. He recieved the Klaus Rifbjergs Debutantpris Award 2007 – 2009 for the latter.

Further publications include the essay 'Dybdens Forgrund' (The foreground of depth) in the Danish magazine KRITIK 2009, concerned with the crossing of literature and visual art. Also in 2009, the publishing house Knuth Beckers Håndtryk published an epic poem by Morten Søkilde as a contribution in a series of ten books by ten poets.

Next to his literary projects, Søkilde has been active in television productions. For three seasons in 2007 and 2008, he regularly appeared in – and at times, hosted – the Danish culture live-television talk show 'DEN 11.TIME, DR2'. His hobbies are tap-dancing and playing the five string banjo. 



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