Tony Bianchi

Bianchi, Tony

Tony Bianchi is a native of Northumberland and learned Welsh at the University of Wales, Lampeter, where he completed a PhD on the works of Samuel Beckett. Formerly Literature Director at the Arts Council of Wales, he is now a freelance writer, editor and translator and lives in Cardiff.

He writes in both Welsh and English and his novels include Esgyrn Bach (The Bone Pickers; Y Lolfa, 2006), long-listed for the Wales Book of the Year award; Pryfeta (Daniel's Beetles; Y Lolfa, 2007), which won the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize and also short-listed for the Wales Book of the Year award; Chwilio am Sebastian Pierce (Seeking Sebastian Pierce; Gwasg Gomer, 2009) and Bumping (Alcemi, 2010), long-listed for the Portico Prize.

Cyffesion Geordie Oddi Cartref (Confessions of a Geordie Exile; Gomer, 2010) is a collection of interlinked semi-autobiographical short stories. Ras Olaf Harri Selwyn was published in 2012 (Gomer), and his latest novel, Dwy Farwolaeth Endaf Rowlands (The Two Deaths of Endaf Rowlands) won the Prose Medal at the National Eisteddfod in 2015. Both Pryfeta and Ras Olaf Harri Selwyn have been translated into English - Daniel's Beetles (Seren, 2011) and Harri Selwyn's Last Race (Parthian, 2015).

Tony Bianchi is also a critic and poet, and has won national and international prizes for his poetry in Welsh.

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