60, Mihangel Morgan


11 o’clock one morning in a small Welsh town and it’s Orig Owen’s sixtieth birthday. Alone and anxious, he walks to the optician’s shop whilst other inhabitants and visitors tread their parallel lives along the shared streets. The nonagenarian professor clings to his disciplined routine, the middle-aged mother and grandmother marshals her three small children, the actor dreaming of Hollywood success tidies the jumpers in the menswear shop while the girl in the chocolate shop has sexual fantasies about her customers, the photographer obsessively pursues the picture that will make his name and the homeless woman busks by the post office. They review past and present, daydream or plan the future, try to keep regrets or anxieties at bay. From this series of vignettes, some intertwined, some linked more loosely, emerge the voices and thoughts of a host of ordinary but unique individuals. As the clock ticks inexorably on, sooner or later their paths bring each one to the cafe. And as midday approaches some are assailed by a strange sense of possibility, of being on the threshold of some life-changing event. Playful and inventive but with an underlying current of unease, Mihangel Morgan’s new novel, written in response to his own 60th birthday, shows this well-established author at his inventive and idiosyncratic best.


  • 'I read Mihangel Morgan to remember what it is to live'

    Sioned Puw Rowlands

  • 'Although I sometimes felt that something major was about to happen as the clock’s fingers moved forward, the end was shocking, throwing me off my axle again. I’m still not sure what to think, and the ending forced me to reconsider what I have read. I am still thinking about the stories and the characters a week after closing the cover of the book.'

    Cerian Arianrhod

  • ‘[Mihangel Morgan] is one of our contemporary writers who have succeeded in opening our imagination to explore the possibilities of literature, to invite us to re-read literary texts and indeed to consider life in a completely fresh way.’

    Rhiannon Marks, O’r Pedwar Gwynt

Mihangel Morgan


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Y Lolfa (2017)


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Garmon Gruffydd
Y Lolfa, Talybont
Ceredigion SY24 5AP
Cymru/Wales, UK