Rhyd-y-gro | Sian Northey


Three young people, Carys, Steffan and Lora, are sharing an isolated farmhouse, Rhyd y gro, but their lives and relationships change for ever when a stranger, Rhydian moves in with them. Thirty years later, Carys has been dead for five years and her daughter, Efa, working with Lora for a theatre company, is expecting her first child when she receives a letter from her mother, sent on anonymously. In it Carys at last reveals that Steffan, now a successful writer, was Efa’s father. From their first, awkward meeting, both Steffan and Efa must grapple with the implications of their new relationship, which will change again once the baby arrives. But Rhyd y gro still casts its shadow on all their lives, as Efa comes to realise when she tries to piece together the motivation for the decisions her parents made at her conception, and Steffan, Lora and Rhydian too must come to terms with the crisis in their shared past and reassess their own lives.

Like Sian Northey’s acclaimed first novel for adults, Yn y Tŷ hwn (2011), Rhyd y gro is a sensitive and atmospheric exploration of the symbiotic relationship between house and inhabitants. With its thoughtful and understated style, this is an evocative and memorable tale.


  • ‘Sian Northey is a writer who suggests rather than states - a talent which makes this a colorful and joyous novel to read.’


  • ‘Along with love and its complications, this is a novel about honesty and secrets.’ 

    O’r Pedwar Gwynt

  • ‘Always the feather-like touch, never the sledge-hammer.’

    Meg Elis

Siân Northey


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Gomer (2016)


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Meirion Davies
Gwasg Gomer
Ceredigion SA44 4JL
Cymru/Wales, UK