All The Places We Lived

All The Places We Lived

Wikipedia-obsessed cats, deleted tweets, James Franco’s mother, west Wales, and Barcelona. Both bleak and joyously optimistic, All The Places We Lived is a collection of disparate, yet inextricably connected stories that are bound by the common threads that exist amongst young people in and out of love with each other and life in the twenty-first century.

Whether keenly awaiting an imagined terror attack in a twenty-third floor glass box hotel, wandering Catalonian art galleries, or two AM jogging on pitch-black A-roads, solitude is never a truly concrete experience. There is always someone else: someone to buy a dilapidated rural house with, someone to laugh with, someone to get fired with, someone to fight with, someone to ride bikes with.

Richard Owain Roberts has assembled a debut collection of contemporary fiction that is minimalist, confrontational, delicate, and, relentlessly, the absolute unfiltered truth.

Wales Arts Review selected it as one of their summer reads for 2015.

A Serbian translation, Sva mesta na kojima smo živeli, was published in 2017.


  • ‘Elegant, contemporary, fun’

    Chris Killen (In Real Life and The Bird Room)

  • 'A refreshing and modern collection, seamlessly interwoven narratives that are bound to make you laugh, cry, and nod your head in agreement’

    Buzz Magazine

  • ‘Lean prose balances starkness with unique lyricism… snapshots of what it means to be human’

    Sabotage Reviews

  • ‘Darkly comic… an insightful and enjoyable debut’

    Workshy Fop

Richard Owain Roberts


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All The Places We Lived
Parthian (2015)