Author Videos: 2020

Recordings made by Welsh authors during the Covid-19 lockdown period. 


At a time when we are unable to travel and literary exchange is made all the more difficult by the restrictions in place to keep us all safe, WLE invited a few Welsh writers to share readings of their work to be enjoyed by readers and publishers far and wide.

We will continue the series by adding videos from contemporary Welsh authors selected to our Bookcase, which will be announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2020.

Richard Gwyn on Stowaway: A Levantine Journey

Eluned Gramich on Woman Who Brings the Rain

Manon Steffan Ros on Llyfr Glas Nebo

Niall Griffiths on Broken Ghost

Richard Gwyn on The Blue Tent

Llŷr Gwyn Lewis on ‘Rhyw Flodau Rhyfel’ (Some Flowers of War)

Llŷr Gwyn Lewis on ‘Fabula’

Lloyd Markham on ‘Bad Ideas/Chemicals’

Angharad Price on O! Tyn y Gorchudd

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