Her Gyfieithu Translation Challenge 2020

Watch the poet Zafer Şenocak reading his series of short poems, 'Nahaufnahmen’ and Grug Muse and Eleoma Bodammer, the winners of the Her Gyfieithu and Translation Challenge 2020 read their winning translations of the poems.

A digital event was held on 30 September to celebrate Grug and Eleoma's success - you can also watch the event below.  


Zafer Şenocak ‘Nahaufnahmen’

Grug Muse ‘Craffu’

Eleoma Bodammer ‘Close ups’

Digwyddiad digidol Her Gyfieithu 2020 Translation Challenge event

Cymdeithas Cyfieithwyr Cymru yn cyflwyno Ffon yr Her Gyfieithu i Grug Muse yng Nghricieth

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