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Postcard from Barcelona

  • Postcard from Barcelona | Cerdyn Post o Farcelona
  • Postcard from Barcelona | Cerdyn Post o Farcelona

Writer and poet Llŷr Gwyn Lewis, has been selected as on of the Ten New Voices for 2017.  Read his postcard from the Kosmopolis literary festival held at the Barcelona Centre of Contemporary Culture, held between 22-26 March 2017.

It’s pleasing, on one level, that the rest of Europe don’t seem too bothered that we are about to leave the EU.  They see us foolish, however they have other problems to worry about.

Some of our company have already left for London to march for the ideal that is still a reality here, tomorrow morning, L and I will return to Bristol, and Cardiff, to the triggering of article 50.

But we haven’t left Europe, and we won’t either.  As long as we are able to come to the Barcelonas of the world, to share stories and poems and food and drink and place names, Wales and the Welsh language, will be part of Europe again.

Warm regards, 


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