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Postcard from Canada

Sian Northey travelled to the IFOA Festival (International Festival of Authors) held in Toronto, Canada in October. Sian read her work at the ‘Around the World’ event, which included readings from three continents and nine countries.  Her visit was supported by the British Council in Canada. 

Shekon Mari,

A postcard from Canada, where the welcome is warm.

1. IFOA Toronto organised a trip for the writers to Niagra (and provided me with a feast of food and drink!) 

2. The Sweetgrass Conference on Indigenous Languages invited me to read a poem at the dinner to honour language teachers and campaigners (and provided me witha feast of food and drink!)

3. Stayed at the home of one of the Mohawk Tribe who's learning Welsh (and provided me with a feast of food and drink!)



Rhyd y Gro by Sian Northey was selected to the 2016 Bookcase, our window to recent Welsh literary works which we recommend for translation.  Read more here.

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