Thoughts from Kerala

India-Wales Writers' Chain in Thiruvananthapuram

Poets Siân Melangell Dafydd, Robert Minhinnick, Twm Morys and Eurig Salisbury returned in November from Kerala after a week collaborating with four Indian poets: the Malayali literary legend K. Satchidanandan, renowned ...more

Postcard from Frankfurt

Ned Thomas reflects on his visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 2011

This year's Frankfurt Book Fair is taking place in golden October weather. It is warm enough to sit outside and drink coffee. Years ago I used to come here as a publisher, chained to the stand most of the ...more

Autumn Bookcase 2011 revealed at Frankfurt Book Fair

Thirteen specially selected titles - fiction, memoir, and poetry: each one another world, from Wales.

Bydoedd (Worlds), a choice from our Autumn 2011 Bookcase selection, is aptly named taking in one man's remarkable encounters with 1940s Germany, Franco's Spain, Coldwar Russia ...more

From Welsh Autumn to Arab Spring

Welsh author Chris Meredith travels to Cairo mid-September 2011 to take part in a literary translation workshop aimed at young Arabic translators. 

The original workshop was cancelled in January 2011 due to the political revolution taking place in Egypt at the time. With the ...more