Abu Dhabi Bookfair 2012

Wales Literature Exchange will be represented by Literature Across Frontiers (LAF) at Abu Dhabi bookfair (28th March - 2nd April).

Continuing LAF's work linking the literature and literary scenes of Europe and the Arab world, LAF is attending the Abu Dhabi book fair again this year. LAF will be providing publishers with information on books from Europe and representing the work of our partners. LAF's Alexandra Büchler will also be chairing a panel discussion on comics and graphic novels: The Rise of the Image, on Friday the 30th of March.

The Rise of the Image: why comics and graphic novels are rising in popularity

Friday, 30 March 2012
17:00 – 18:15
Capital Suite 18

In collaboration with Pro Helvetia; language: English - Arabic

Chaired by Alexandra Büchler, Director of Literature Across Frontiers (LAF) with Khalil Bendib, Illustrator, Daniel Bosshart, Illustrator and Author, Christophe Badoux, Illustrator and Author

Christophe Badoux
Christophe Badoux Is a Swiss comic-artist and illustrator. He works at the studios of the Strapazin comic-art magazine. Since 1991 Badoux has published illustrations in various Swiss newspapers and magazines. He also regularly publishes comic books since 1999. One such book, published in 2006, is Fatma's fantastic journey (Edition Moderne) and deals with the rare brain disease Moya Moya, showing it as a trip through the human body. In 2008, he released the artist's biography Klee (Edition Moderne) in commission for the Paul Klee Zentrum in Bern. Together with the writer Angelika Waldis, he published, in 2011, the children's book Der unheiliche Stein (Atlantis).

Khalil Bendib
Born in Paris, he has been a political cartoonist and fine artist in California, USA since the age of 20. His work has been distributed in hundreds of newspapers in the USA, Canada and Australia and reprinted worldwide. Khalil’s work as a fine artist has been much praised. He sculpts and creates ceramics and has been cartooning since he was very young. Zahra’s Paradise is his first graphic novel. It has been translated into twelve languages before it was even published and is about the aftermath of a rigged presidential election in Iran in June 2009.

Daniel Bosshart
Born in 1971 in Zürich, Switzerland, he learned the profession as a draftsman for architecture and comics from Cla Werro in Winterthur. He has always had a passion for drawing comics and has, to date, published two books (Edition Moderne, Zurich) Geteilter Traum (Divided Dream) and Alberto. His first book was awarded the Max and Moritz-Award for the best German-speaking album at the international Comic Salon in Erlangen, Germany. In 2005, he was honored by the city of Winterthur and in 2010 by the city of Zürich for his forthcoming third album in June of this year.


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