Autumn Bookcase 2011 revealed at Frankfurt Book Fair

Thirteen specially selected titles - fiction, memoir, and poetry: each one another world, from Wales.

Bydoedd (Worlds), a choice from our Autumn 2011 Bookcase selection, is aptly named taking in one man's remarkable encounters with 1940s Germany, Franco's Spain, Coldwar Russia and culminating in the nationalist struggle in late twentieth-century Wales. And yet each of our titles offers up other worlds: journeying abroad into the nightmares of Ceaucescu's Romania in Patrick McGuinness' witty Booker longlisted novel, and the philosophical voyage of Richard Gwyn's vagabond through the Mediterranean, addiction and the body. 

But there are unknown worlds also to discover at home: in Cynan Jones' stark tale of drugs, immigration, seaside desperation and redemption; Tessa Hadley's immaculate and urbane novel of two separate lives; Mari Strachan and Sian Northey's struggles with the wounds and secrets of the past; Mihangel Morgan's lively, but drowning village; and Joe Dunthorne's hilarious novel set in the unlikely confines of a Swansea commune (which follows the big-screen success of Submarine, already translated into ten languages).

And finally we have three collections from some of our finest poets: landmark collected works from Menna Elfyn and Paul Henry, and the latest brilliant offering from former National Poet Gwyneth Lewis. All thirteen books will be actively promoted by Wales Literature Exchange at international book fairs, literary festivals, translation workshops and other events.

To read more about these titles and for translation rights details, visit our Bookcase and Books sections.

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