Mercator International: Board Members Call

Mercator International: Board Members Call

This call is now closed.

Mercator International wishes to invite applications from committed and experienced individuals who share our values, mission and vision to contribute to the development of the organisation for a period of two years in the first instance.

The ideal candidates will have the following attributes, skills and experience:

  • Experience of governance and business development
  • Excellent communication and advocacy skills
  • An understanding of multilingualism and linguistic diversity
  • A passion for culture and the creative sector
  • A commitment to citizenship and education
  • A determination to ensure a strong and continued Welsh engagement at European and international levels.

The Board of Directors leads the organisation to deliver its objectives, sets its strategic direction, upholds its ethos and values and monitors progress against agreed operational plans and budgets, reviewing and amending as necessary.  Whilst retaining the principles of good governance, the Board will assist with fundraising and expanding our network of contacts and will advocate for the organisation.

The Board will meet quarterly. Though it is expected that these meetings will take place at the Mercator offices, arrangements can be made to limit undue travel in order for members outside Wales to participate fully in these meetings.  

Mercator was first established as a European network in 1988 following the Kuijpers Resolution passed at the European Parliament. Over the decades it has evolved whilst retaining its key mission to enhance knowledge and understanding of Europe's linguistic diversity with particular focus on the so-called minority/minoritized languages. In Wales, Mercator has played a specific role in the creative sector, including media, literature, publishing and translation, hosting two key international literary initiatives, Wales Literature Exchange, (established in 1998) and Literature Across Frontiers (established in 2001). Both work in close collaboration, and are supported through joint investment by the Arts Council of Wales. Over the years, both have become known and respected internationally for their commitment to artistic excellence and diversity.

Literature Across Frontiers: the European platform for literary exchange, translation and policy debate has led successive large-scale European projects since 2001 and is at the forefront of competitive awards from the Creative Europe programme. Wales Literature Exchange: Translating Wales, Reading the World develops, promotes and showcases the best of Welsh writing in international contexts, ensuring that it reaches global audiences by supporting its translation.

Today, Mercator International is an independent company limited by guarantee registered in Wales and England. Its founding directors are Ned Thomas, Alexandra Büchler and Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones. We are now looking to expand our board at a time when we are charting a new longer-term engagement, planning and fundraising for an ambitious and diverse multi-year programme of activities.

Mercator works across many languages and the business of the Board will be conducted bilingually in English and Welsh. Fluency in Welsh (both written and spoken) is desirable but not essential for this role.

In accordance with our Equal Opportunities policy, we welcome applications from all sections of the community in Welsh or English.

To apply, please submit your CV to along with a letter of no more than 500 words explaining why you would like to join Mercator International’s Board of Directors and what you can bring to the role by Friday 4 January 2019.  

If you have any questions about the Mercator International or the role of board member, please contact Elin H G Jones or 07590428404.

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