Poetry Connections

Poetry Connections

Eight poets jam together in four languages.

Leading lights from Latvia's invigorating poetry scene join contemporaries from the UK for a unique reading in four languages.

These award-winning poets will share newly translated poems, collaborations and experiments in a special event which reflects their friendship and celebrates the role art plays in building bridges between cultures.

The eight poets are:

  • Nicky Arscott;
  • Nia Davies;
  • Madara Gruntmane;
  • Semyon Khanin;
  • Artis Ostups;
  • Eurig Salisbury;
  • Arvis Viguls;
  • Ryan van Winkle.

14 Mawrth 2017 | Y Drwm | National Library of Wales | Aberystwyth | 7:30pm | www.eventbrite.co.uk

16 Mawrth 2017 | Rich Mix | London | www.richmix.org.uk


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