Poetry Translation Workshop in Aberystwyth

Poetry Translation Workshop in Aberystwyth

Ahead of International Translation Day, Wales Literature Exchange, in conjunction with Wales PEN Cymru and Literature Across Frontiers, have organized a special literary translation event in Aberystwyth on Sunday, 8th of September.

Two distinguished writers – the Syrian-Kurdish poet and translator Golan Haji and the Francophone Algerian writer and poet Samira Negrouche – will be giving a public talk about their work at the Arad Goch Centre in Aberystwyth.

This will be followed by translation workshops focussing on one or two of their poems. The day will close with a discussion for translators (or those interested in the art of translation) on how best to support Wales’ translators in the future. The workshops will be led by Mererid Hopwood and Zoë Skoulding. For more information about the poets, and to reserve a place for the workshops, click here


About the workshops: 

Two workshops will be held in parallel on 8th September.  Each workshop will focus on the work of one of our two guest poet-translators — Golan Haji and Samira Negrouche — and each will be led by a prominent Welsh poet and creative translator, Mererid Hopwood and Zoë Skoulding.

Workshop with Golan Haji and Mererid Hopwood. Target Language: Welsh

This workshop will focus on translating Golan Haji’s work from Arabic, via French or English, into Welsh.

Workshop with Samira Negrouche and Zoë Skoulding. Target Language: English

This workshop will focus on translating Samira Negrouche’s work from French into English or via Spanish, German and Italian translation into English.


Participants should select the workshop that they wish to attend and prepare draft translations of the selected poems in advance.

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