Schwob Publisher Fellowship for Mick Felton of Seren

Schwob Publisher Fellowship for Mick Felton of Seren

Mick Felton of independent literary publisher Seren has received a Schwob Publisher Fellowship.

As part of the fellowship, Mick will visit Barcelona in June, to meet with 8 publishers, Metis (Turkey), Diogenes (Switzerland), Fayard (France), Lebowski (The Netherlands), WSOY (Finland), Polirom (Romania), Foksal Publishing Group (Poland), and Elliot edizioni (Italy), and discuss modern classics which are yet to be widely translated, including modern classics from Wales.

As part of the meetings, Schwob will pitch titles of interest, provide details of translation rights and offer information regarding funding including translation grants available.

Schwob is a collaboration of literature foundations in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Catalonia, the Société européenne des auteurs and Wales Literature Exchange. The project is supported by the European Union.

Read more about Schwob here.

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