Tiffany Atkinson in Argentina

Tiffany Atkinson was invited in September 2012 to the Rosario International Poetry Festival, Argentina. This was the beginning of a collaboration with Argentinian writer and translator, Ines Garland, who is translating Tiffany's poetry into Spanish.

Poet, translator and founder of the Club de traductores in Buenos Aires, Jorge Fondebrider, has been key to developing literary connections between South America and Wales. He is currently working towards an anthology of Welsh poetry in Spanish translation.

In 2011, Richard Gwyn was invited to the festival. On his return to Wales, he founded a unique festival, Fiction Fiesta, which has created further long-term connections between the two literary worlds. Jorge Fondebrider was one of the poets and translators invited to the festival in Cardiff in March 2012.

Other translations we are looking forward to in South America include Owen Sheers' poetry due to be published for the Guadalajara book fair, Mexico, in November. Grace, Tamar and Laszlo the Beautiful by Deborah Kay Davies has also just been published by Bajo la luna in Buenos Aires, and we are looking forward to the Chilean and Argentinian editions of The Vagabond's Breakfast by Richard Gwyn, as well as to an Argentinian edition of his poetry.

Tiffany's participation in the festival was made possible with the support of Wales Arts International. 

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