Wales at the Brussels Book Fair 2014

Our Bookcase writers, Patrick McGuinness and Siân Melangell Dafydd, both fluent French speakers, will be participating in the UK guest of honour programme at the Brussels Book Fair later this month. They will be joining Jonathan Coe, A. C. Grayling and Michael Frayn amongst others invited as part of the UK programme.

Siân Melangell Dafydd will be participating in a panel discussion on translating minority language literatures with Laurent Moosen and Françoise Wuilmart, Director of the Centre européen de traduction littéraire de Seneffe. The event will take place at 1pm on Monday the 24th of February in the Literature Pavilion.

Patrick McGuinness will be in Brussels to sign the latest edition of his novel - The Last Hundred Days - in French translation (Grasset), as well as to mark the publication of Other People's Countries: A Journey into Memory (Jonathan Cape). At 2pm on Friday the 21st in the International Pavilion, he will be participating in the panel dicusssion 'Les Balkans, source de tous les maux?' with Simon Winder and Christophe Lamfallussy, a journalist with La Libre Belgique, and at 6pm in 'Les jouets cassés du dictateur' with Lola Lafon and Kerenn Elkaim.

Book signings will be held with Patrick at 3pm and 8pm at the Grasset stand and at 4pm at the Waterstones/Filigranes stand.

Read Patrick McGuinness on Proust in The Telegraph: 'Time is ruthless and deadly, living is all loss, and the paradox of memory is that it gives you back what you had on condition that you know it has been lost. To regain it, you need to know it has gone; to remake the world, you need first to understand that it has ended. HG Wells had published The Time Machine in 1895. Proust showed that we are the Time Machines, though we are rarely at the controls.'

Siân Melangell Dafydd and Patrick McGuinness's participation has been organised by the Welsh Government office in Brussels.

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