Sioned Huws (London/Wales)

Translators' House Wales choroegrapher/writer in residence, December 2011

Sioned Huws is a dancer and choreographer who aims to create prominent and dynamic dance works that challenge and integrate different artforms. These works reflect on the physical structure of reality, recognising that it is always a person and a space. She worked during her residency with writer and editor, Siân Melangell Dafydd, on translating her Aomori project into words. 

Aomori Project is an ongoing research and performance project, which began in 2008. It has brought together artists and performers from Japan, Wales and England. Each year, Sioned Huws returned to Aomori with the snow. A central aspect of the project is a duet between a dancer and an installation artist, focusing on the body and how it copes with its surroundings; moving horizontally, attempting to achieve the effort of the vertical, disorientation and re-orientation within repetitive situations. The horizontal body and vertical landscape coincide. The performance was inspired by the harsh winter conditions and continual snowstorms in the north of Japan.


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