Browse our database of Welsh literature in translation below. Bear with us as we work on adding our full database of translations here as we will be continually updating the database.

Some recent new translations include an Italian translation of Paul Henry’s collection of poetry, The Glass Aisle, which was selected to our Bookcase in 2018. The translation, il corridoio di vetro, was translated into Italian by Chiara de Luca and published by Edizioni Kolibris. We were very pleased to receive copies of the Spanish translation of Y Mabinogion, Relatos galeses medievales, translated by Luciana Cordo Russo for LOM Ediciones in Chile. Al Arabi Publishing in Egypt recently published their Arabic translations of Lloyd Markham’s Bad Ideas/Chemicals (trans. Yordan Yordanov Kosturkov) and Gary Raymond’s The Golden Orphans (trans. Mohammad Osman Khalifa). Lloyd and Gary launched the translations of their books in Cairo Book Fair in January 2020

We have also awarded grants for the translations of anthologies of Welsh writing, including a Greek Anthology of Young Welsh Poets, published by Vakxikon Publishing with a preface by Jonathan Edwards and translated by Georgia Kavvalou. Poets featured in the anthology include Grug Muse, Hanan Issa, Iestyn Tyne and Joe Dunthorne. Meanwhile we eagerly await the arrival of the Japanese translation of The Library of Wales Short Story Anthology, published by Horinouchi Publishing. 

Temperance Town

Temperance Town

L’esprit des péninsules (2006)
Author :John Williams
Trans:Christine Raguet-Bouvart

Ten Seconds from the Sun (Chinese)

Ten Seconds from the Sun
People’s Literature Publishing House (2009)
Author :Russell Celyn Jones
Trans:He Aihua & Yang Chenghu
Terra di confine

Terra di confine

Border Country
Author :Raymond Williams
Trans:Carmine Mezzacappa
Thatësia e gjatë

Thatësia e gjatë

The Long Dry
Ombra (2016)
Author :Cynan Jones
Trans:Rudi Erebara
The Dig (Macedonian)

The Dig (Macedonian)

The Dig
Makedonika (2017)
Author :Cynan Jones
المدينة الفارغة (The Empty City)

المدينة الفارغة (The Empty City)

The Golden Orphans
Al Arabi Publishing (2020)
Author :Gary Raymond
Trans:Mohammad Osman Khalifa

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