Created by the European Society of Authors, TLHUB (Translation and Literary Hub) is a web 2.0 digital multilingual platform dedicated to the exchange and awareness of texts in their original languages and in translation.

Translation teams and groups can be built, by inviting co-editors and co-translators to work together in between as many languages as desired. The creative dialogue that occurs between author and translator can be saved as the translation process progresses.

TLHUB is a peer network linking authors, translators, agents, residencies, readers, literary groups and more. TLHUB’s technical innovations include text segment alignment and complex online collaboration capacities (version maintenance and control, comments and notifications on individual segments, etc.).

TLHUB is an independent, non-profit community where the literary-minded may meet to exchange words and ideas in total respect for copyright laws and text protection.

Join the TLHUB community by visiting the platform website, tlhub.org.

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