By translating a text we open a new world to others

By translating a text we open a new world to others

Marta Klonowska joined translators from Cataluyna, Germany, India and Romania in January 2014 for a Schwob residency organised by Wales Literature Exchange focused on translating modern literary classics.

Literary translation is for me one of the best ways of understanding ...more

Emilia Ivancu on her January residency

My adventure with Welsh literature started with a map – by the time I first read R. S. Thomas’s poems, I had not seen Wales. I knew Bardsey Island (Enlli) only as a small dot on the map. At that time the poetry of R. S. Thomas seemed intangible, yet stirring.

On my first visit ...more

Why do I translate Welsh-language literature into German?

"First, because I feel that here is a specific voice, or rather: a specific range of different voices that are - in the fullness of their relation to place and time - accessible only through the Welsh language (I experienced this for the first time, more than twenty years ago, in ...more

R. S. Thomas: A Turbulent Priest by M. Wynn Thomas

As we are grappling with translating R. S. Thomas into Catalan, Polish, Romanian and Tamil this month at Tŷ Newydd: National Writers' Centre, here is a short article on R. S. Thomas by Prof. M. Wynn Thomas : 'A Turbulent Priest'

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Translating literary classics from Wales at Tŷ Newydd

What better way to start the new year, than by welcoming five foreign authors and translators to Tŷ Newydd: National Writer’s Centre for Wales as part of Schwob, a project funded by the European Union.

Emilia Ivancu, Jaume Subirana, and Yuvan Chandrashekar will be translating ...more