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Wales Literature Exchange: Our activities during the Covid-19 epidemic


Wales Literature Exchange is the translation junction connecting writers, translators and publishers in Wales and abroad.

Wales Literature Exchange works in close collaboration with Literature Across Frontiers and many other home and international partners. WLE is small, but many things: as an operator to connect publishers for the sale of translation rights, a translation grant fund for publishers, a workshop bringing together writers and translators, a library of translations, and a curator of translation events. In essence, we are a window between Wales and the world.

We celebrate the linguistic diversity that exists in the world today and are determined to contribute to its sustainability and development. Respect for languages and for translation are at the heart of international cultural exchange.

Wales Literature Exchange is committed to literary translation as a necessary element in a delicate ecology. Respect for human relations and their context in the world are vital to international exchange, and so we travel consciously, always asking why and how. Our motto is in English Translating Wales Reading the World.

Postcard from Mljet

Grug Muse sent WLE a postcard from her residency in Mljet, as part of the Ulysses' Shelter residency programme. 

Dear WLE,

Writing this sitting on a pebble beach, on one of the ...more


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