Mihangel Morgan

Morgan, Mihangel

Mihangel Morgan was born in Aberdare in south Wales in 1955. Whilst living in Ceredigion in west Wales he lectured in twentieth-century Welsh literature and creative writing at the Welsh Department of Aberystwyth University.

His first novel, Dirgel Ddyn (Mysterious Man, Gomer, 1993), won him the National Eisteddfod Prose Medal and marked the beginning of a career as one of Wales' foremost contemporary authors. He is one of Wales's most prolific, original and popular authors. He has published novels, short stories and poetry.

Morgan throws stones at the glass-house of the Welsh establishment. Many of his characters are monochrome (grey or brown), some asexual. His writing is post-modern, both in the Welsh and in the Anglo-American context. His fragmentary world is populated by figures who are more anti- than hero.

Mihangel Morgan’s publications include:

  • Melog (Gomer, 1997), which was translated by Christopher Meredith and published in English in 2005 (Seren).
  • Pantglas (Y Lolfa, 2011), which was shortlisted for Book of the Year 2012.
  • Kate Roberts a'r Ystlum a dirgelion eraill (Y Lolfa, 2012).
  • 60 (Y Lolfa, 2017), a collection of short stories and was chosen for the 2017 Bookcase.
  • Hen Bethau Anghofiedig (Y Lolfa, 2017), which is on the 2018 Bookcase.
  • Hen Ieithoedd Diflanedig (Barddas, 2018), which is on the 2019 Bookcase.

A full list of his publications can be seen on gwales.com.