Bad Ideas \ Chemicals

Bad Ideas \ Chemicals

Wedi'i osod mewn dyfodol agos dystopaidd, mae'r nofel anhygoel hon yn cymryd y nofel draddodiadol o dde Cymru am ddirywiad trefol i diriogaeth hollol newydd. Mae Lloyd Markham, yn y darn rhyfeddol hwn, yn dod â'i gymeriadau diffygiol yn fyw gyda chynhesrwydd a thynerwch. Wedi'i saernïo a'i hysgrifennu'n hyfryd, o'i thudalen gyntaf, mae'r nofel hon yn mynd a’r darllenydd i fyd rhyfedd ond credadwy iawn.


  • Bad Ideas\Chemicals isn't afraid to discuss the topics that society seems to avoid. Markham addresses a variation of themes that are particularly relevant to young people, ranging from drugs to sexuality, by combining humour with the darkness of a dystopian world. Using features of science fiction, Markham both masks and exposes the flaws in society that we so readily ignore.

    The characters have a far-reaching appeal; they may be relatable to young people for their realistic portrayal of what it is to face the impacts of adolescence and young adulthood, but their experiences would surely reflect and resonate with those of any reader. The careful construction of these characters allows them to feel real; they are not crude generalisations and stereotypes, but multifaceted and authentic portrayals of the struggles of young adults in the modern world.'

    Sian James, Good Reads

  • ‘Poignant, unnervingly funny and poetic'

    Philip Gross

  • ‘A unique new voice.’

    Rhys Thomas

  • ‘A dark and witty take on small town life.’

    David Towsey

Lloyd Markham


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Bad Ideas \ Chemicals
Parthian (2017)


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